At The Restaurant



After a very profitable  day at Paubetson”s RESTAURANT owned BY my SISTER, but trusted to me while she was on vacation,  Hours after closing, while in the kitchen doing an inventory of the pantry, I hear the lobby door creak, the familiar sound does not alarm me as  I am thinking my sister got home early and decided to check on me. I hear airy , ditsy voice calling my name along with the cheap jingle  hoop earrings, and, I then greet Cynthia a FAMILAR BUT UNWANTED frequent customer, she made no formal introduction to me but demanded to know our most coveted recipes, I quickly told her that we closed and that she needed to leave , I quickly escorted out the back door but  in my rush I forget to lock the door. upon my return to a storage closet I noticed some trash, I quickly gathered it and hurried  to the dumpster , I noticed that the Cynthia had not left but was mingling with some local thugs, at the very south  end of the parking lot, they were talking and discussing my demise , I smelled a mix of cannabis  and cigarettes and  several outburst of hysterical laughter , I  began to panic, but did not let it show  I walked  back inside and called every cop I knew,  the top two responses were “i’m busy”  or “i’m off duty”, About an hour passes by and my inventory is almost complete when the backdoor swings open and its one of the thugs, he made inaudible words and then  throws cigarette ashes  in my face and spits on me and curses me, i am  trying to get my bearings he laughs and slams the back exit door, i rush behind him but once i  get outside he is nowhere in sight, I couldn’t see and at this point I wanted to sneeze too but I paused for a second and  I did not hear the laughs nor did I smell cigarettes  coming from the parking lot,  so I went back inside to properly  flush my eyes,  while  washing my eyes I realized I had bitten my tongue and I feel pain  in my lower back, I washed my face with handsaop but my eyes felt fiery now and slight headache loomed from behind my ears, I felt my way back to the kitchen, and noticed its much cooler, then I look up through tears and realized that the back exit door  was wide open and there stood at least five thugs in masks holding machine guns and demanding money